HRIPL Employee Evaluation
Excel Evaluation Paper - HO

Instructions: (Note - Open this link in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox only).

  1. There are 3 section in this test, kindly follow below guidelines to complete the test.
  • Section I - Fill your name & Email address
  • Section II  - Download excel assignment template and solve the test. follow the instruction given in excel file, don't rename the file, after completing the excel test save it and upload it using upload button from this page. do not upload the file multiple time.
  • Section III - Also you are requested to fill the objective type question which is the part of test..
  • Select the right answer. 
  • Time limit : 90 minutes.

Section I - Fill Your Detail

Section II - Download Excel Assignment file and uplaod with correct solution

Download Excel Assignment File fromHere..

Upload solved excel assignment file
Before clicking upload make sure you have selected correct file

Section III - Questions

Q - 1:  To insert three columns between columns D and E you would.

Q - 2:  Show format cells option.

Q - 3:  Select correct shortcut combination for Bold, Italic & underline.

Q - 4:  Edit the cell by pressing.

Q - 5:  Insert blank cells (cell, row & column).

Q - 6:  Move to the edge of the current data region.

Q - 7:  Select the entire column and row.

Q - 8:  Close current opened workbook.

Q - 9:  Select correct path to set - Repeat headers in print out(Print Title).

Q - 10:  Function is used to join 2 different cell text in 1 cell.